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Are puffy nipples on women at all attractive to men?
I am a woman with puffy nipples, well technically they are puffy areolas. But anyway I don't like how they look at all. I'm affraid to get intimate with a man because I feel like if I show my breasts they would turn him off. Since I'm not a man I don't know what they find sexy or not. I need to know if puffy nipples are ok with men or if they are totally unattractive?
As a man I find puffy areolas very attractive (not that I find flat areolas and nipples unattractive), Don't feel that your breasts are are a turn off but rather that they are a turn on. If he is turned off then I sure there are many things about his body that may not be so attractive not to mention the obvious thing(s)
Do women with puffy nipples have smaller boobs?
I'm 13 and I found out I have puffy nipples. Many websites have suggested that women with these generally have smaller boobs. I'm quite worried about this. Is it true?
No. Two of my friends have puffy nipples and their boobs are big. I guess it comes randomly, or runs in your family or something
I'm a 14 year old girl and I have puffy nipples.Women's help, and guys help?
Question to the Women: I am a small C cup. I heard somewhere that young girls with puffy nipples grow up to have regular*firm,taught* nipples. Is that true?

Question to men: Do you guys like puffy nipples? NO RUDE ANSWERS!
Puffy nipples are a sign of a young developing girl. You sound completely normal.

Even in adult females, the nipples are responsive to stimulation or changes in temperature, so that even they experience puffy nipples from time to time.
Men: how do you feel about women with 'puffy nipples'?
Trying to prove a point to someone
I need everyones opinions :)
you know the ones i mean like the sticking out puffy ones!
Sorry if this seems inappropriate!
i love nipples of any shape size or color :)
Women and puffy nipples/breasts?
I was at a gathering with some people and some shallow guys were talking about how gross "puffy nipples" are....I had to pretend I'm not the girl ashamed about her ugly, puffy nipples....I'm quite hurt about this because I hate them as much as any guy does. My boyfriend tells me they're okay. The only option i have is to lose weight, right? How do i get rid of the puffyness?? im SICK of feeling ugly!!!!

first of all, those guys must have never seen boobs in real life because NO natural boobs look like the ones that they see in movies or in porn. So tell them to get a life and find a girl of their own instead of pretending that they're with the girls they see on online porn. And please don't think that you have to lose weight. I"m sure you look beautiful the way you are... your nipples won't change with weight loss. I weigh 120 pounds and i'm a small b cup and i have "puffy nipples" unless they're hard. It's completly normal and natural no matter what any stupid guys say... I've spend way too much time wishing i had different boobs and it's taken me way too long to realize i'm perfectly fine the way i am. Take a look at this site, i'm sure it'll make you feel much better about yourself =]

Puffy Nipples, need some advice guys!?
I'm 16, have a B-cup and puffy nipples. They DO get hard when it's cold etc, but only for a tiny
bit. Since I dont have the biggest boobs, they kinda make me look pointy, but when their hard I look rounder. I do NOT like them and wish they were normal. No guy I've been with said anything about them, but soon I'll be with someone who I really care about and may be with for the long run. I'm worried what he'll think. GUYS, what do you think about puffy nipples on women? Turn on, turn off?
Any advice would be greattt! :)
Sweetie, I guarantee your man won't have any problem with your nipples. If anything, ANY sight of you sans clothing is going to turn him on, and as a breast man I can tell you that puffy nipples are a HUGE turn-on.
Do women notice the size of a guys nipples?
I have a nice build including a nice chest with a slight amount of hair. I have "puffy" nipples that protrude somewhat. Do women find this unattractive or sexy or do you ladies even ever notice? I have friends who tease me good naturedly from time to time about my nipples but I am not the least bit self-conscious. They are very sensitive and my girlfriend likes them. I do too. How bout it?
my husband has poofy nipples too, they dont bother me at all.

and i know he is very manly, he just got his seamen analysis back today ;)
Puffy Nipples?!? :(?
I'm a 17 year old girl, size 34C boobs with puffy nipples which i hate :(
is there any way to make them like most girls nipples?
also my nipples are hardly ever erect..they are for about 10 seconds whenever i take off my bra, then they just go flat again.. they never get hard if me or my boyfriend are playing with them,its SO embarrassing i hate them =[

I have been with older men that have had alot of experience and even they couldn't make them hard..very rarely..how can i make them hard more often? has anyone heard of the Avent Nipplet (i know its for women with flat nipples who need to have erect nipples for breast feeding but surely it could be used for cosmetic purposes too?)

help much appreciated ♥

Flat puffy nipples are perfectly normal! In fact, I think they make up the majority of womens nipples. Have a look at this website to see what REAL boobs look like!


I have the same nipples and would like erect ones, for aesthetic reasons like yourself. I started using the Niplette yesterday and it is too early to tell yet but I have heard good things about it. You can purchase them off baby websites.

I'm 20 and have only been bothered by them lately. I heard that the nipples can keep changing until a woman is in her early twenties. & Men really aren't bothered about nipples! Seriously. A boob is a boob. And you have lovely 34c breasts, so you should be happy with that!
I'm starting to develop my chest by working out but still got woman nipples. help!?
i dont have the disease where males get boobs. i dont have boobs at all. i have pecks. they are starting to get the nice line (aka 8 pack along with abs) but the problem is im at 16% body fat and ALL OF IT seems to show in my belly and chest. My nipples are puffy and very womanly (not flat like rest of men)

what can i do? i dont want surgery. is there any way to decreaes estrogen?
change ur exercise routine

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