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Mature Men Only: What are you thoughts on the post sex sheet wrap?
After sex, when a woman wraps them self in the flat sheet and go in to the bathroom, what are you thoughts on that? Do you find it sexy, not sexy, don't care either way, would rather her just get up and walk off naked. Please share your thoughts on this.

I am asking cause I just saw a commercial for some talk show that she addresses the issue, and I am curious to know if she is right or not. Also, for future reference (just so I know).

Thanks for your input guys.
Nudity is vulnerability..if I have just had sex with the girl there should be nothing to hide so walking off naked would be a sign of her comfort with me and how she feels towards me...
Culturally speaking: Mature men, care for a poll?
1) How do you like to see women dressed? What’s sexy?
2) Does it really matter if our hair is relaxed or natural? Do you care if we wear a weave? (I ask mainly because women love to make a big deal of this…)
3) What’s going through your head when you see your woman naked?
4) Most men say they like to be left alone, but what if your woman completely just ignored you? Only spoke to you when you spoke to her, would you like that?
5) Does it bother you when we share our gossip with you?
6) Are you chivalrous when it comes to your woman? How about random women? Or are you one of those men who won’t go out of your way to do those things because of feminism?

BQ: When a guy uses the stall instead of the urinal, does that mean he need to #2? Or does it mean he doesn't want anyone staring at his phallus?
1) I like women to wear clothes that they are not constantly trying to adjust or pull at to cover themselves because they are uncomfortable wearing them. I think clothes that leave a little to the imagination are sexy. Not too revealing but revealing enough to spark intrigue and curiosity.

2) Personally I prefer natural hair but I can live with a woman's hair being styles as long as it's not too over the top. Also I have no problem with extensions as long as the woman is realistic and not try to make people think that the extensions are her real hair when everyone know that they are not.

3) I think it would depend on how she is presented in the nude. If its artistically done like how Erykah Badu just did in the video of her new song Window Seat I think its cool and kind of sexy without being pornography. If its in a pornography way then I say to myself, ok now that I've seen what she has physically what are the depth of her inner self?

4) Well, I'm not most men in that case. I enjoy the company and interaction with women whether it be just stimulating conversation and for a more intimate relationship. I say any man that truly hates women must love men.

5) I'm not bothered by gossip. To me that is part of a way women confide in you. It shows that on a certain level they trust you. However there has to be balance. No one likes when a person is constantly talking about people without anything good to say.

6) I consider myself a gentlemen. The things I do for women are out of respect and not because I feel they are incapable. Every women is someones mother, daughter, sister, etc. I would like for the women in my life to be respected therefore I show the respect that other men and young men should show.

BQ: Personally I don't think of or adhere to any unspoken rules when to using public restrooms. Bottom line is I'm in there to relieve myself not watch what other guys are doing useless they are acting suspiciously or out of the normal in some way. I think for most guys using public restrooms is a strictly business kind of thing and not meant to be completely comfortable.
Was this abuse? I'm terrified of naked men?
First of all I'm female.
When I was 13 I met some guy he was 17, I really liked him but he was engaged to a girl who was caring for her sick father in america. He used to talk sexual to me and I even had my first kiss with him. I stayed round his house one night and we tried to have sex but couldnt so we did over stuff, the a year later we did have sex it was very painful (14). I thought I was in love with him he was constantly telling me he loved me and wanted to have sex with me and stuff, was this abuse?

No for some reason seeing a nude man makes me want to scream and run, im a fearless psychopath but the thought of a naked person wanting to have sex with me makes me want to scream and run. My ex boyfriend from last year used to grab me sexually and was a predator, I have had previous bfs who havent been like that but I hate the sex after feeling and I really fear it for some reason it makes me sick and want to leap away, heck id even jump in front of a bus to avoid sex right then and there.
I fear that one day I will meet a nice boyfriend and go round his house and be invited to his room (even for nothing) and be unable to sit on his bed or lye down next to him or allow him to even kiss me. I cant stand being hugged or touched especially by men (im not a lesbian)
All I seem to want is someone to talk to and laugh with and maybe just peck kiss on the odd occasion, a boyfriend like that (I know I sound about 12 saying that but I'm 18) I really do seem to want to be alone and I'm worried about men touching me or coming near me because I just immediately think of sex?
Was I abused, or what could this be I cannot work it out? :S help?

You seem like a lovely girl, and my heart goes out to you. I'm sure that if you find someone that you truly love, and would want to be with for the rest of your life, you'd not feel quite as bad. How about talking to a doctor? Or someone close to you? Once you find a boyfriend you truly love, he'll respect you and let you go just as far as you like, because trust me, a lot of men are horrible, but there are truly guys that will tear the earth apart just for you.
You need to talk though hun, really, to someone, anyone close to you, or even to Connexions (if you're in the UK) or an organisation like that.
I wish you the best of luck :) x
Do all straight men, check out other women and picture them naked. Do men feel the need 2look @ other women?
I want honest and mature answers. I know a man in a monogamous and committed relationship would never admit to his woman that he checked another woman out, or pictured her naked.
Also do all men feel the need to picture having sex with other women?
Is there any man out there that is different, or are all the same in that sense that they cannot just be into one womans body.

I am just adding this, I understand woman look at other attractive men as well, but i have asked many women and when we check out a guy we arent looking at his balls or dick undressing him or w.e. i mean yeah well check out the arms or eyes w.e. we find attractive but men seem to undress the women. While women checking out men at least the ones ive asked (not all) are starting at how cute he is, and wondering what it would be like to date the guy and boom we move on.
In the animal kingdom, females normally mate with only one male, while the males normally mate with as many females as they can find. Very few animals mate for life. Monogamous marriages did not come along until after europeans got ahold of christianity and misinterpreted a verse that says, " If a man desires the office of a Deacon, let him be the husband of one wife". Well, If one wife was all they were allowed anyway, then it would be redundant to list that as a qualification to be a Deacon.
Also, what if you don't want the job? The plain simple fact is that back then, most men in most all cultures, had multiple wives, and the only reason you have monogamy today is that the european form of christianity has made it the social norm. This pretty much explains why men continue to check out other women even when in a commited relationship. It is not a popular answer, but that does not make it any less true.
Naked culture adopted my men in the name of religion.?
Two most important religion of this world , Hinduism & Jain (Digambara) allows the nude culture, wherein the nekedness is being followed by their saints. These saints are actually the male one.

Why these cultures, which is, as per them will lead to Moksha, but never allow women to follow the same. Wherein we don't have any objection, when we see these men naked (Is it really the case?), but we always remains against the same when it is to be followed by women. Why is it so?

The religious gurus speaks of understanding.

Do you feel these as a balanced act, that we are mature enough to think of these in the positive way and that nobody feel any inferiority then, specially men ?
First of all, it is not often good to compare males and females in all aspects of life. The bodies and minds of males and females are quite different. We never expect males to do all things that females do. Similarly, we can not also expect females to follow all the things that males do. For this issue, a little understanding is must.

We must remember that though saints have left the world, but the world has not left them. They will have to live in the world among with other people. In that case there are certain social rules which have to be followed. People usually do not question on males when they remain naked, but the case is not same with the females.

In India, the women folk is usually associated with certain special moral qualities that men folk does not seem to have. In present times, you may find many rap cases newspapers. Are the one attacked men or women? That's why I say that body and mindset of males and females is quite different. Moreover, do remember that such a mindset is a part of human nature and cannot be changed. We can simply adjust with it.

If females saints get naked and then someone attacks them, who will be responsible? In that case their nakedness will be distracting not someone from the true path of Dharma. But it is said that we can attain moksha only when we follow dharma and let others also do the same. On the other hand, the case is not same with male saints as one can 'understand'. A simple question is- How many women in India will be ready to follow such a practice? Even if this becomes a practice, many women will be forcibly put into this practice for some reason which one can 'understand'. Is this in favour or against the dharma?

Thus, this act is completely balanced and just as there is no case of superiority and inferiority since such practices are not followed blindly and have been debated long ago form the point of view of both males and females. There is no discrimination to females for any such practices because these are of the time when there was no sexual discrimination in India. All this discrimination was brought in India by some 'foreign' culture which attacked India in past 500 years.
How much do mature men care? Men only please!?
Seriously! My man says, "oh babe, your sexy. Don't worry about it." But he has to say that coz we're married right? I hate my breast! The areola...(pink part) I feel is way to big. How big around is too big? A quarter? Half dollar? Inches? Please answer me that. My best friend has these perfect porn boobs by nature. I don't even think surgery can make mine look like that. And then there is the southern region. Does it matter to you men how it looks? Or just how it feels? And one more thing, is it too much to want him to get sprung by seeing me naked? I can rub my **** in his face and it's like he just took a cold shower. Talk about a self esteem killer! I mean for real, I'm not hideous! Help! What do men really like and really think? What truly matters? Oh...and by the way, its not erectile disfunction. He gets it going just fine when he wants to.
ok ill be serious for once on here. haha. But my girlfriend is always complaining about her nipples being to big. Man they are such a turn on because they are on her. I love her and everything about them. Im sure your husband feels the same way. They probably turn him on, i bet he enjoys them. As for size, your areolas are perfectly normal. Enjoy them!
Mature men answer please...When u shut down...?
in a longterm relationship how do you get yourself out of the funk? I am the g/f of a stressed out b/f. He has major finacial stress from his previous marriage that just caught up with him. IRS, my problem is that he is shutting me out and distancing himself from me. We have been going to couples therapy since Sept06. He never wants to talk about the problems there. From his last outburst in thereapy this past Saturday I feel he more worried about the opinon of the therapist than finding solutions to our relationship problems that arise. How do I draw him out? He blows up & "leaves me" when I try to draw him out with specific questions. He fixed one major problem (his family). He had to give up his "best friend" his exwife (b/c he kept naked pics of her! & he would help her but NOT me with car trouble etc) I told him it's either me or her. Can't make two women happy, chose which woman. He made me give up my friends, my friendshilp with my ex...first. He says he misses his ex. Blames me
Above all things do not let this man's problems drown you.
It is not your fault that he's in the situation that he's in and if he blames you then he's being unfair.
Men often times shut people out when they are stress and under emotional turmoil but he obviously still has feeling for and you shouldn't be emotional shortchanged becuase of that.
my man and i have been together for almost 2yrs. we have an awesome sex life... morning, noon and night, whenever and however. we are in our mid thirties and both are settled in to a cozy place together, good jobs and i honestly can say he doesn't lack for sex. He consistently praises our sex and our good relationship. my question is this, with all said, should i fear of future cheating due to the fact he keeps naked women magazines tucked away along with porn. i have came in on days and noticed he had been viewing these but haven't said anything. is the fact that he does this secretly a sign of his desire for sexual relations outside of our relationship? be honest please. i just want to have heads up.
In general, Men are more sexually "needy". When you're not around to make love to, he checks out porn. I can guarantee you, though, when he looks at the porn, he thinks of you. We don't look at porn because we want to see those women. We look at porn so we can fantasize about doing those things with OUR women. Not a big deal. If you want ask him about it. He'll be pumped. Also, suggest checking out porn together. Always a good option.
Mature men and women - please help me out with some advice?
What should I do here? I totally like my neighbor (who is 41) and I’m 28. We’re both single and I get a feeling he’s into me, too – yet he never makes any kind of move?

When he gets home from work every day he hops out of his truck and walks right over to my house before even going into his.

Some nights, he’ll call me and we’ll talk for an hour on the phone about random things and he’ll often make comments such as “Are ya naked right now?” …and then he’ll laugh as if he was joking. The funny thing is, we literally live RIGHT next door to each other.

He seems jealous at times; especially when it comes to the older male neighbor across the street – a couple months ago, he rubbed my feet (Hey, he’s an old hippie with tons of guys and he didn’t do it in a sexual way – totally spiritual). Anyway, my crush seemed to be real jealous of that and often times he makes comments such as “Hey, you should go get your feet rubbed..”

I came home last Sunday night and 20 minutes later he called me asking to come over and bring him some medicine cuz he wasn’t feeling well. I went over there and he had a temperature, I could tell. I drove to the store and got a thermometer and some medicine, he was 104.3. Next day he went to the Dr. and it turned out he had pneumonia and so I took care of him for a whole week, cold rags, taking temperature, bringing movies, making soup.

Last night I walked over to pick a movie up from him and told him I was going to bed. I came home and never went to bed and about an hour later he calls and says, “Hey! I thought you were going to bed..?? Your lights are still on” I told him I changed my mind and was on the computer and he says, “What are you looking at on the computer?”

All these things lead me to believe he’s interested yet he never picks up on my flirting. I once sent him a text message that I believed to be flirty and he never mentioned it to me. I also sent him an email that I thought was pretty flirty and he never mentioned that to me, either.

What do I have to do to get this guy to get a CLUE? Seriously – please be realistic with me here. I can take it!!!!
I don't really believe in 'making moves', 'dropping hints', etc. That stuff is for guys and pure wastage of one's precious time, especially for you guys. You two are mature adults and pretty good friends I reckon so I'd advice you to have an open talk with him about having a relationship and make everything crystal clear right from the start so that neither of you feels like you're wasting your time. Even if you do 'make moves', as you've previously seen, it's not going to work with him because he isn't sure of what to expect from you. He probably thinks that you'll only want to date someone closer to your age and not someone like him who is more than 10 years older. Just tell him straight out as to what kind of relationship is it that you're looking for so that there are no confusions later on. And before you get seriously involved with him, do not forget to ask him about his past and family and everything. You know, life can be weird a lot of the times so it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.
Question for mature guys, players. men, etc...?
why is it whenever i have the chance to sleep with a girl i never take it, i am a virgin, still, and 18 years old, i never have a problem getting girls, so its not an "im ugly" thing or " cant get girls" thing.
and i am certainly not homosexual, not that theres anything wrong with that, im just not attracted to other men. why is it so hard for me to want to dive in and have sex? i even had a naked virgin thin blonde infront of me willing to have sex but i just, couldnt bring myself to it, i love girls. i love getting them after me but thats as far as i take it, just for an ego stroke, and not my cock stroked. i have had oral sex, i have kissed girls just ehh,
did anyone else have this hassle? is it nerves? did any mature guys now have the same problem my age? ( 18 )
Your 18 and your a virgin?

Bro let me help you out haha

email me at : and ill see what i can do, will answer all your qeustions / give advice etc.

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