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Is there chance that someone will try Assasination on Justin ******* Bieber?
I HOPE yes. He is just a BIG ******* pain in the *** for whole world? Why cant terrorists just kill him. I think twins was less important than this Prick! Do you think he will get killed ? I hope so.
I heard being in the Marines isn't that glamorous and that it's sad and it sucks. Is that true?
And girls, you wouldn't really be attracted to someone who was a marine would you? I mean let's face it, people who get accepted to Yale don't go into the military. They have a 99% acceptance rate. I heard girls prefer brains to brawn, so does that mean they'd prefer someone who was successful and not some dumb**** jarhead?
Haven't a clue, I was in the Army
How to have safe anal sex?
Me and my gf wants to have anal sex but i'm scared about getting std's and **** like that :\ she's a virgin and she want's it really ******* bad and we have the lube and stuff. But i don't want to **** her in the *** that's where she poops and that's nasty! >_<
Some guys really enjoy the Idea. Others are repulsed by it. If you don't want to do it. than by all means don't. As long as you have good lubrication, you and her will be fine
Are we going to see the return of the kiss my *** club?
I know wwe is PG but I got the feeling that Vince McMahon is going to bring the kiss my *** club back in a unique way I don't know maybe have Cena or Punk be involve what do you think?
Lol that would be epic but I don't see cm punk kissing mr mcmahons *** but maybe John cena
How do i set up my quick set ring pool?
got the filter put together just cant figure out the connection to the side of the pool with the hoses. no instructions in box, pain in the ****!! :) thanks in advance for the help!
I just put the 16' x 3.5' Quick Set Ring Pool together and got stuck for a minute there too.

Sorry for the long answer but I just want to try and be as clear as possible.

I'm assuming you have the instructions with you so you know which parts I'm referring to and that you have already connected one of the hose endings to the filter case and that you have already placed the pump inside the filter case; to which you would attach the 2nd hose to.

Starting with the 'Pool suction fitting', you unscrew the 'Suction Fitting' from the 'Suction Fitting Nut' [Mine came screwed together]

(tip: these two items have a white plastic washer and a black rubber gasket between them.) Make sure to keep them in the same order when taking them apart.

You will then divide the parts into two sections:

1) Everything from the hose and in between to the white washer and

2) Everything from the black gasket to the end of the fittings.

With the pool nearly empty or at least with the water line below the two holes on the side of the pool -

Take the parts from section 2 (with the black gasket) and from the inner side of the pool, place them through the right hole of your pool, making sure that the black gasket is the 1st piece that is touching the inner side of the pool.

You then take the parts from section 1 (with the white plastic washer) and screw them to the fitting sticking out of the hole, making sure to place the white washer against the outer pool wall. You also need to place a hose clamp around this end when everything is screwed on.

You pretty much do the same thing for the other hose that has the end with the 'Pool Return Fitting'. You would just do this on the left hole of your pool.

Hope this helps. Post any follow up questions and I'll try to answer those too.
What are your suggestions for a good romance book?
I want a historical romance with a kick *** heroine. The female should be able to take care of herself, but the male lead should still want to be her protector. I really like the historical romances where the girl has more characteristics of a man in those ages rather than a simpering weakling (like speaking there mind, knowing what’s going on in the political world, being able to ride a horse well, capable of wielding a gun or a sword, etc.). My first choice would be that it not be an erotic novel, however those are okay too. Thanks.
The Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning is good. The heroine is quite ferocious and awesome. There's time travel, so it starts in the present day, but it doesn't stay there.

You might like the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. It's a fun and quirky little series, and the heroine is very unique and strong. It's an historical/urban fantasy series.
The Cypher 2011 Is Here!?!?
Rappers from whatever you are post your rapper name and email after your done with your cypher freestyle than ill response after each person

Aeon Worldz
2011 freestyle

Now you failed your record label demo test
In this world face it you need a reality check

A fly vest to impress
When you leave the Last Train to Paris express
Now you want me to pay for these low shoe prices

Don’t feel like I being here on this earth
Looking at myself to see what I am worth

This world so cold
And you looking like you bold

This is a test for your funny face
But sometime in the life you got to see you’re self face to face
So I told that guy your from outer space
Like that guy mace

But why you am I waiting when it’s a waste
When I got nothing to hold back with no breaks

Tell me I cant be a rapper when im only 13 but tell me to retail
With the place at the beach with the seashells

You know I get hated 24/7 when I don’t actually care when you play
But im in pain for God Sake
Sorry God for saying your name in vain
Like the Gucci bags that polo z got from France Greece and Spain

I don’t got to curse with no excuses
But I curse only some times when im losing

If you want to hate on me again and tell me to give up being a rapper
If I surpass someone that you really like in the game
You can kiss my A**

Drink that glass
You drank it up fast
now im done here lets see whos the next ***
best ever
How did america save england in ww2?
Im sick of hearing americans saying that they saved our **** in world war 2 and i want to no how did america stop england from being defeated? Also did america only step into the war at the last minuite leaving england to fight most of the war? (the second quesion isnt sarcasm its a true questio ) thankyouuuu
How did the US save Britain? Simple

1) Lend Lease and other more secret agreements. US "leased" Britain arms, ammunition, tanks, planes, ships, fuel oil and other supplies.

2) Troops. Britain couldn't have beaten Germany, even with USSR's help, because they didn't have the numbers. True even today. Tony Blair came crying to Clinton over Kosovo and Bush Jr over Iraq because UK doesn't have men or resources to do anything on their own.

US didn't jump in at the last minute. America joined in Dec 41. War ended in 45. When British PM Winston Churchill heard about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, he breathed a sigh of relief and said "We have now won the war". Even he knew Britain couldn't get it done without the US.

Not just Britain. US saved Australia and New Zealand. After the British lost Singapore--worst military defeat in British history--US took over total responsibility for defense of Australia due to Britain's impotence in the Pacific (a promise made by FDR to Churchill). Some strategic moves and battles in 42 in the Pacific were done to keep Japan away from either invading Australia or having a airbase to strike Australia. (EDIT--Coral Sea NOT Midway which had little if anything to do with Australia) Most Brits forget about the Pacific War. Probably because after Singapore they considered their war against Japan a "lost cause" and the fact they were losing in the war to the more immediate threat of Nazi Germany.

EDIT-----Everyone here has an opinion. The opinion that matters most is the British PM and the British war cabinet. After Dunkirk, many wanted to seek peace (surrender) with Germany. After the Battle of Britain (brilliance by RAF that should be hailed, celebrated, and studied for generations to come) Churchill didn't say the war was won. After Germany invaded USSR, Brits didn't think war was won. After El-Alamein won by Brits driving Lend-Lease US tanks, Brits didn't believe war was won. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and brought US in the war, Churchill celebrated and declared the war won. The British PM, war cabinet, and Military leaders(except perhaps arrogant, egotistical Bernard "give me more headlines than anyone else including my men" Montgomery) believed they could not have won the war without the US.

@Ann FDR didn't take advice from Joe Kennedy. He used other intermediaries, Harry Hopkins and State Dept officials among others, to deal with the Brits not Kennedy. Kennedy eventually came home because all he did as ambassador in late 39 and all of 40 was lay around the embassy. Brits ignored him because FDR ignored him.
If I cut a solar blanket into segments for a guyney shaped pool, would it work just as good?
Basically the guy before me had the solar blanket on a roller, but in order to use it, it has to be set up in the middle of the pool with the blanket being pulled in both directions (with 2 people always needed). Its a pain in the *** and I was thinking of taking it off the roller completely and then cutting it into thirds, 12ft long each section. Would it still have a decent effect in terms of keeping the water warm at night? Would it sink, would it overlap the other pieces at night?
As long as it covers the water, the heating effect will remain the same. The only negative is that with it cut in pieces, leaves and dirt can get into the pool.
Is there a battery powered trimmer (weed-wacker) that will last longer than 10-15mins on one battery life?
I use a cord weed-wacker to trim and edge my lawn, I love it. It does a great job and at the end of the day it looks great. Sounds good but the bad part is the cord/wire. It's the biggest pain in the ***. So recently my father and I have been looking at weed-wackers, I went to home depot and they had some pretty nice ones. One that caught my eye was a black and decker battery charged trimmer and edger. The downside of this machine is that I read the reviews from black and deckers website and it says the battery life is only about 10-15 minutes. I defiantly will take more time to trim and edge it. So I was wondering if anyone out there can tell me of a trimmer/edger that uses a long lasting battery and is inexpensive. If you know about the black and decker weed-wacker I was looking at you are welcome to comment on your personal experiences with them. Also if you know about any black and decker gas weed-wacker you're also welcome to comment on them too.
I have a Yardworks one that lasts about 40 minutes even when trimming very long grass and weeds. Has a 20 volt lithium battery. Cost about $200.

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