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Is "Bambi" a Disney horror movie? time.com lists it in top 25 horror movies?
I remember becoming very upset after watching the movie in a theater as a six year old, many decades ago. I think it is a terrifying movie for young guyren but is it a horror movie for teens or adults?


"Amazing that the first movies parents took their tots to in the 30s and 40s were the early Disney features. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo all exploited guyhood traumas. Parents disappear or die; stepmothers plot the murder of their charges; a boy skips school and turns into a donkey. Kids were so frightened by these films that they wet themselves in terror. Bambi, directed by David Hand, has a primal shock that still haunts oldsters who saw it 40, 50, 65 years ago. "

What do you think?
I don't think its a "horror" movie like saw, but it is kind of traumatic just because of the one scene... sniff-sniff... but overall it's an uplifting movie.
Do you realize that the black race is starting to realize the dream?
Yes, there is still a lot of racism out there. We still have a lot of problems, but we are getting there. Education is paramount now. Teen pregnacies are down in many areas. We have many high powered jobs. We have become an intimidating force to be reckoned with. Just look at the questions in here. The number of questions and answers that attack the white race is considerably less than those that attack the black race. Usually that shows intimidation and jealousy. Some of the answers are intellectual and show our progress. As a black race we have got to stop using the N word. People died so we never would have to be called that word again. We have to stop exploiting our sistahs with our music and words. We have to uplift our brothas and encourage them. Once again bring fidelity back into our relationships. We are making progress. There will be people to call me a racist and there will be some that will try to insult who I am, but it is fine. Can you see the dream??
Yes I can.

I am white. Actually, more like pink, there is no such thing as white. And there is no such thing as black, it is brown. Brown and pink work for me.

I work with a number of brown people, and I have a lot of respect for them. One of the finest ones I know runs the data base administration department, and it looks like the UN down there, Asians, Africans (not race, I mean person from Africa), and a couple of white boys. He is completely color blind when it comes to hiring.

Very unusual person. So yeah, I agree with what you are saying. The opportunities are out there at this point. If you want to become a contributing member of society, you can do it, and your skin color will not hold you back. Your attitude and education will though, so work on them. Nobody is going hire somebody for a serious job if they go "Where I be at?".

Ball is in your court. Take a swing at it.

The secretary of state is a black female. The previous one was a black male, who was formerly the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Open your eyes guys, the opportunities are there.

Seize them.
What is punk?
What is punk you ask?
Well punk is a style, attitude, and a type of music. The punk style mainly consists of DIY and whatever else YOU want to do. The attitude is mainly a i don't care, anarchist, type of attitude, but that can also have whatever your attitude is in there. The music...who the hell knows how to explain the music, its basically every type of rock that doesnt fit into the "main" categories of rock. What i'm trying to say is that punk is basically whatever you want it to be, with a little of the things that i said mixed in....but mainly what YOU are not anyone else.Heres some bands:Abrasive Wheels,The Adicts,The Adolescents,The Adverts,Anti-Nowhere League,The Avengers,Bad Brains,Black Flag,The Boys,Buzzcocks,Chelsea,Circle Jerks,The Clash,Cock Sparrer,The Cramps,Crass,The Damned,The Dead Boys,Dead Kennedys,The Descendents,The Diodes,DOA,The Drones,Generation X,The Heartbreakers,Iggy Pop,The Jerks,London SS,Minor Threat,Minutemen,The Misfits,Offspring,The Plasmatics,The Ramones,Reagan Youth,Richard Hell & The Voidoids,The Screamers,Sex Pistols,Sham 69,The Sguys,Social Distortion,Stiff Little Fingers,The Subhumans,Toy Dolls,UK Subs,The Vibrators,Vice Squad,The Varukers,X-Ray Spex,999,7 Seconds,Anti-Flag,Bad Religion,Blitz,The Casualties,Cheap Sex,Cro-Mags,Crucifucks,Discharge,The Distillers,Dropkick Murphys,The Exploited,Flogging Molly,Goldfinger,Horrorpops,Leftover Crack,Lower Class Brats,MDC ,Operation Ivy,Osaka Popstar,Pennywise,The Queers,Rancid,Raid,Rise Against,Suicidal Tendencies,Teen Idols,Toxic Waste,TSOL,UK Bombs,The Unseen,The Vandals,The Virus,The 4-Skins,88 Fingers Louie,Adam & The Ants,A Global Threat,Agnostic Front,Aus-Rotten,The Briggs,The Business,Buzzcocks,Capitalist Casualties,Clit 45,Cockney Rejects,Conflict,Crucifix,Dead Milkmen,The Devotchkas,The Diodes,Flatfoot 56,Flipper,Gang Green,GBH,The Germs,Gorilla Biscuits,Joey Ramone,Johnny Thunders,Naked Raygun,Negative FX,Nekromantix,Oi Polloi,The Outkasts,Peter and The Test Tube Babies,The Raincoats,Scholastic Deth,Sid Vicious,Sonic Youth,SSD,The Vandals,Wasted Youth,Youth Brigade,Agent Orange,Angry Samoans,The Dictators, Fugazi,Alien Sex Fiend,Dr. Know, Biohazard,Allies,Butthole Surfers,Discharge,Chaotic Discord, D4, Descendents, Funeral Dress, Middle Finger Salute, Punk Core, The Explosion, The Disasters, Raw Power, The Heat, The Rubies, The Shakers, Deeno's Marvels,The Machines, The Vicars, The Sinyx, Kronstadt Uprising, The Prey, Anorexic Dead, Allegiance to no one, the icons captain strange, the spurts, deciballs, the school bullies,the convicted, stax century,idiot,decibels,the shocks,autumn poison,armless teddies,the psychopaths,the objects,rollins band,bleeding pyles,closedown,burning idols,the leepers, speedball, the cards,taming the outback, the get, grinder, stripey zebras,the jam, steve hooker and the heat,whizz guys, the drill, penetration, small town rumor,advertising,the opposition,vinyl degenerates,kapt. anorak,deep throats,mongrel,mik bostik,sleeper,frenzee,gilmartin,tall story,norman and the worms, the vicars, jukes,urban disturbance,social unrest,mission of burma,government issue,BGK,killdozer,III Repute, Fear,Channel 3,Alternative TV,The Carpettes,The Cortinas,The Crabs,Crime,The Crowd,The Cure,Devo,Dickies,the drones, the dwarves,eater,forgotten rebels,gun club,the hollywood brats, jack & the ribbers, the jam, johnny & the self abusers,johnny moped,killing joke,king,lightning raiders,london,lords of the new church,magazine,mc5,metal urbain,the models,the modern lovers,the neon boys,new york dolls,newton neurotics,the patti smith group,protex,pure hell,the radiators from space,radio stars,sublime,the rezillos,the rich guys,rocket from the tombs,rudi,the ruts, the scars, the scavengers,siouxsie & the banshees,skrewdriver,slaughter & the dogs,some chicken,stark naked & the fleshtones,the subs,subway sect,suicide,talking heads,teenage head,television,tenpole tudor, the tights,the white cats,wire,x,the zeros,balzac,american steel,bouncing souls, and many more
uh, i think you answered your own question. it's like you're informing us on punk, not asking a question.
First chapter, what do you think? Goes with my other question?
Lindsey watched as her world disappeared into the distance. Her new life awaited her arival in Michigan. A small town called Mt. Pleasant, to be exact. She knew that she would have to leave as soon as the Council caught wind of her exploits in Florida.

For thirteen years, she lived peacefully in her small suburban home. The wind that came through the area, carried with it the taste of the salty ocean that lay almost fifty miles to the East or West. Lindsey was now nowhere near the ocean.

If she had a choice, she would have moved to California. But, of course, she didn't. The Council chose where the witches in their custody would live. Terrific.

Lindsey settled back and glanced around the cabin of the plane. This aircraft took first-class to a whole new level. Maxwel, the Council's pilot, was in control of a large jet that held Lindsey and her three 'sisters'. He was a man with blue eyes and hair turned white with age. Maxwel always seemed to be smiling. Too bad they might never see him again, Maxwel was the closest thing to a grandfather the girls had.

Shaking her head, Lindsey went onto one of the plane's other passengers.

Arina, a little water witch, was sitting in the seat across from Lindsey. Arina was currently brushing her golden blonde hair with its natural turqoise tips. Her eyes were closed, but Lindsey knew that her eyes were the exact same color as her hair.

Lindsey, Arina's opposite as a fire witch, had black hair with brilliant red tips. Lindsey's own eyes were an orange color. Humans always thought that there was a fire rumbling deep inside of Lindsey, little did they know that they were absolutely right. They were also right about their thoughts that Arina had an ocean flowing deep inside her and Mina had a forest growing. Lindsey also knew that Cynthia had a fierce wind blowing within her.

Mina, an Earth witch, was following Cynthia around like a little lost puppy dog. Her eyes a deep green and hair a chocolate brown with her green tips. Mina may be the youngest by a few days, but she had the strength of the world. Literally.

Cynthia, completing the square with her being an air witch, was very energetic and was curious about everything. With every small movement, her silvery hair flew out as if in a gust of wind. Her eyes danced with the gray color of a full cloud.

The jet had red velvet upholstery and a navy blue carpet that was so thick that Lindsey thought it could be more comfortable than her bed. Old bed, she had to remember that. She didn't live in Florida anymore.

Then with lightning speed, Lindsey stopped her appraisal of the craft and closed her eyes. Falling into a trance-like state.

"Lindsey, you should totally look at this bed! It's like mongo huge-o!" Cynthia Van Drake's voice screamed out over the sound of the engines.

"Shut-up, Cyn. She's trying to sleep," Lindsey knew that if she waited long anough then Mina Haysworth would get Cynthia to leave her alone.

Too bad it didn't work. "Lindsey!" She was shaking her shoulder profusely.

Her eyes shot open and Lindsey grabbed Cynthia's arm and squeezed. Hard. "Ow! Lindsey, let go! It hurts!" Her screams were tainted by the tears that shined and threatened to spill out of her gray eyes.

Lindsey let go of Cynthia's arm and glared at the small Air witch in front of her. "Next time," Lindsey groweled, "Don't put your hands on me."

"Cynthia didn't mean any harm, Lindsey," Mina put in.

"She shouldn't act like a guy. We aren't six. We're all almost fourteen. TEEN as in teenagers," Lindsey kept trying to tell them all to act mature, but would they listen? No.

Mina just kind of looked at Lindsey with her deep green eyes pleading. She looked so innocent, that was the biggest mistake anyone could ever make about Mina. She may look harmless, but she could shake you where you stand. Mina could call an earthquake with a brief thought.

"Hey now. We're all s'posed to be havin' a good time y'all. None of this fightin'. Ah-ah-ah," Arina Ranley stopped Lindsey mid-word when she tried to stopped the southern girls' motor of a mouth. "I ain't want none of that. We are jus' gone to have to get over this here nonsense."

Lindsey couldn't help but to smile when Arina talked. Her accent made anyone within earshot grin at her cuteness. "Oh alright," Lindsey turned back to the windy guy and she held out a hand, "I'm sorry, Cynthia. I was just irritated that we have to move. It was just one little water tower."

"And a apartment building," Cynthia said as she grabbed Lindsey's hand and got up.

"And that old Mr. Dindler's dog house," Mina added. They all burst out laughing.

Arina was the only one left not laughing. She just stood ther
sounds pretty interesting! i love the idea of the witches and their appearances. they are so vivid i can imagine them straight away

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